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Quality Policy

The management of BTH Fitting Kft commited itself to continuously develop the quality assurance and environmental control systems, to manage the company according to the standards of the European Union and to Hungarian regulations and to meet the demands of our customers increasingly better. In order to achieve these purposes, as from September 2001 audited ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 systems have been introduced.


Since that time we have commited ourselves to the following:

§ Responsibility of the management to assure Quality Management and Environment Management Systems

§ Each employee is responsible for the quality of work, for the protection and development of the environment

§ To improve customer satisfaction, as the most important quality factor and measure of value

§ Open error disclosure for correct prevention methods

§ Selecting our suppliers carefully and thoroughly

§ Continuous improvement of our environmental culture and communicating with the public



Quality and quality control, environment protection represent great importance in our technology from the arrival of the raw material to the delivery of the finished products.


The basic principle of our quality policy is professional reliability and accuracy of delivery. They have priority over the main processes of the company’s activities.


Over the years we have considered our most important task to keep the objectivity of QMS and EMS and the enforceability of technical regulations. In their daily work our employees use QMS and EMS methods, job instructions and facilitate the improvement of the systems.


Co-operation within the company plays an important role in improving QMS and EMS, the attitude of our employees have a positive effect on our external economic, social environment, too.


In every phase of our work we consider it important to keep ethical norms and honesty in business, we have developed not by disadvantaging our partners, but by reaching mutual benefits.


We reward our employees’ individual abilities, drive, independence by personal recognition, constant improvement of work conditions, continuous training and education, as means of motivation, that is how we also fulfill the requirements of QMS and EMS.


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